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August 31, 20210

Chirag Nanda is a certified professional NLP and the best life coach in India with experience working with a broad spectrum of people, both young and elderly, to help them gain courage, enthusiasm, and growth. I’ve worked with business owners, executives, and professionals, as well as learners, couples, and children. It’s inspiring to be able to interact with several individuals in such a supportive way.

Improve your life.

Make contact with the best life coach in India and business coach. You will receive the maximum pleasure and satisfaction even if you attend business training, life coaching, psychosocial support, or any of the sessions.

Gain knowledge from Chirag Nanda, the leading counseling specialist and lifestyle coach in the world. Obtain life-altering outcomes. Now is the time to schedule a training session.


Chirag has worked as a mentor and coach.


➤ Executives, business owners, and professionals

➤ Professors, Scholars, Scientists, PhDs

➤ Instructors, Research scholars, and Office Personnel

➤ Supervisors, language instructors, and others

➤ News anchors, Students, and others

➤ Designers of fashion and corporate trainers


Values at the Core

Coaching is to strengthen and opportunity to acquire skills in order to achieve total well-being, wealth, enthusiasm, and achievement. It is to assist companies in being motivated and undergoing comprehensive development by meeting objectives and improvements.

To offer individuals and companies services and programs that will enable them to achieve performance change via tested and proven methodologies such as life coaching, corporate training, healthy lifestyle, and stress reduction coaching. Personal growth, improved communication qualities, and career development programs are all valuable tools.

He understands what will hold the audience’s attention. All seminars and training sessions are hands-on and interactive, making them incredibly interesting and worthwhile. Through his expertise, creativity, and wisdom, he enables individuals to alter their lives in all aspects.

➤ Individual Coaching with a Purpose

➤ The Best Life Coach in India

➤ Expert in leadership skills.

➤ Business Coaching with a Difference

➤ Stress Reduction Expert & Top Wellness Coach

➤ Career programs that enhance performance.

Our programs are divided into five categories:


Individual Life Coaching:

Chirag works with those who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and an unwillingness to accept achievement. He can help you have a better knowledge of your motive, traits, desires, authentic personality, and goals.

Relationship coaching:

Relationships are the one element that every one of us forms in a unique way. Coach Chirag emphasizes the necessity of maintaining these bonds. Counsel both spouses and address the difficult truths with respect since he understands how important this knowledge is for individuals to grow. Examine his marriage, relationship, premarital, dating, life, and life coaching in greater depth.

Children’s coaching:

Becoming parents is a genuine gift. Yet, nurturing is perhaps the most stressful position on the planet. Raising children can be an exciting and enthusiastic ride. Furthermore, there is a lot to be worried about as a parent. Chirag takes pride in creating a healthy environment for a parent and a child to participate in an intriguing and creative interaction that resolves the particular issues that are challenging family dynamics.

Career coaching:  

Coach Chirag can help you re-calibrate your professional path by bringing order to your everyday life. Your career coach can provide you with a fresh, well-informed viewpoint that is critical to your long-term success. If you’re dissatisfied with your current job, start looking for a new one. It’s never too late to discover fulfillment. Please contact us.

Business coaching:

Coach Chirag may become your mentor and will be there for you and your team at all times, encouraging you and your department to achieve greater achievements. For a significant number of business individuals, businesses, and top management, his mentoring has shown to be extremely effective and pioneering.


Chirag Nanda has aided individuals in becoming more self-assured, finding happiness, and gaining ground in everyday life, and his coaching has been long-lasting. Coaching is effective, and he has the opportunity to have a major impact on each client. He has 3+ years of coaching expertise, delivering effectively and succinctly, and a 90% success rate for all clients to date.

For more information contact us at or directly reach out to Coach Chirag at +971 582866900  

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